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Medfin Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a leading wholesaler and distributor of health related medical products in india. We are specialized in providing Indian manufactured healthcare products like prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, medical equipment and supplies products under strict FDA standards. Our Chemists include pharmacies, clinics, health care providers. MedFin assure on securing high quality products for our Chemists while focusing on efficiency and reliable delivery. We ensure financially to the medical sector and thereby facilitating the development of the field of medical sector from field level, for the first time in the country. We Offer Chemists who have completed payments with EMI form discipline will reinvent and redefine credit on the basis of their repayment tracks and help the chemists' business development, these opportunities are offered at Chemists door directly. MedFin plays a constructive role as a liaison between pharmaceutical companies and traders. The qualifications of the kimizers will be helpful in providing stocks in a form of business without advancing to the development of business. Since 5 years we have been honored with the trust and loyal patronage of Chemists in India. MedFin fulfills the responsibility of providing quality services to chemist in the country.

We provide an incredible chance of rapidly achieving massive targets rather than dreams to Chemists.

MedFin Advantages

  • MedFin Distributes Degradable drugs in proper solution form
  • MedFin is well informed, efficient, prompt & competitive
  • All tasks are undertaken with strict confidentiality and performed under confidentiality agreements put in place wherever required