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Ensure financially through medicines to the Chemists and thereby facilitating the development of the field of Pharma sector from ground level. For the first time in the country your predecessor is MEDFIN PHARMA SERVICES PVT LTD.

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Fantastic Easy EMI System

Chemists will offer back standing credit returns for a period of 24 months to pay in easy EMI system.


We collaborate with all top MNC’s of Ethical, Generic, Surgical , OTC and consumer product companies all over India.

Medi Mart

MedFin is nothing but Medi Mart “One Shop One Stop for your all Pharma needs.”

MedFin Services

1st time in India MedFin Pharma Services is strongly committed to innovative services uplifting for Pharma Fraternity entire Nation.

We provide all top MNC companies products

Pharma Chemists are able to maximize their competitive spirit, stimulating the lending facility as stocks (Ethical, Generic, OTC, Consumer, Surgical & General ), helping to maximize self-sustaining and enhance the business development.

As per Chemists eligibility MedFin provides funding in a form of stocks.With this innovative opportunity Chemists can develop their business.

Chemists will offer back standing credit returns for a period of 24 months to pay EMI in easy instalments.

Benefits to Chemists


Its Purely Unsecured Funding


No Collateral No Securities


Simple Processing as per KYC’s List


Fund Allotment is Done within 48 Hours from the Time of Documentation


After Allotment Within 48 Hours Goods are Shipped


Chemists Will Get 24 Months EMI Facility


Chemists are Eligible for Discounts on the Stocks Even in EMI System


All Ethical, Generic, OTC, Consumer, Surgical, General, IV’s & Injectable are Available in One Stop


Chemists Can Also Avail the Stocks in Middle of the EMI also. Through Cash System Get Maximum Discount

How It Works

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